Verizon Business Customer Agreement

If you subscribe to a service for which a user fee is charged at the end of the billing period (“Postpay Service”) or if you have a installment contract for device payments, we may at any time review your credit history in relation to the service subscription or installment payment contract. If you want the name and address of a credit agency that gives us a credit report on you, just ask. Additional hardware, software, subscription, credit or debit card, Internet access from your compatible PC and/or special network connection may be required and you are solely responsible for organizing or obtaining all of these requirements. Some solutions may require third-party products and/or services that are subject to the applicable terms and conditions of third parties and require a separate purchase and/or agreement with the third party. It is not responsible for any consequential damage caused in any way by the hardware, software or any other element/requirements for which you are responsible. Requires a compatible Microsoft server® Exchange Server and, as with every end user, a compatible device, a push direct email account, and a qualifying AT-T data plan. ATT customer support for compatible devices is provided. ATT does not sell, supply, install or support Microsoft® software, products or services (including, but not limited to Exchange and Direct Push). You may be able to transfer or “carry” your wireless phone number to another network operator. If you wear one of our numbers, we will treat it as if you asked us to cancel your service for this number. Once the porting is complete, you cannot use our service for this number, but you remain responsible for all charges and charges until the end of this billing cycle, just like any other cancellation. If you are a prepaid customer, you are not entitled to a refund of a balance in your account.

If you send us a number, please note that we cannot provide certain services immediately, such as. B 911 location services. You have no right to your wireless phone number, except for any rights you may have to carry. Once a service line has been separated, the separate mobile phone number (MTN) cannot be stopped or otherwise booked for any reason and may not be restored. If so, rollover minutes accumulate and depreciate with 12 rolling billing periods. The unused Bill 1 (Activation) period Any Minutetime is not transferred. The unused Bill 2 period of New Time Minutes will begin to transfer. Rollover minutes accumulated from accounting period 2 expire each billing period if they reach the age of the 12-bill period. Rollover minutes also expire immediately after the standard or if the customer changes a non-rollover plan. If you change the plans (including creating a FamilyTalk plan) or if an existing subscriber adheres to your existing FamilyTalk plan, all accumulated rousette minutes that go beyond your new plan or the AnyTime Minutes line of the FamilyTalk main line are cancelled. Rollover minutes are not redeemable for cash or credits and are not transferable. When you switch to non-AT-T Unity plans with Rollover Minutes (including creating a FamilyTalk plan), all the accumulated freckles that are above your new non-AT-T Unity plan or Any Minutestime`s non-AT-T Unity FamilyTalk line.