Voluntary Cleanup Agreement Dtsc

The local agency agreement allows local authorities and other public authorities to comply with environmental requirements in order to obtain the immunities and protection provided in sections 25403 and following for health and safety rules for cleaning under the control of SDR. Let us know what you think of these voluntary agreement websites! This document is only a guideline and does not replace or implement laws or regulations. The information contained in this notice is intended exclusively to serve as guidance and educational materials of reference and should not be considered enforceable or regulatory. For limited consultations and discussions with SDR. SDR is not in a position to make regulatory decisions under a repayment agreement. Offers limited liability protection for a good faith buyer, a potential good-faith buyer, an innocent landowner, an adjacent landowner or a basic tenant of a property if certain eligibility criteria are met. See the new model. Offers a potential buyer of a property liability protection and “confederation not to sue” if certain eligibility criteria are met. Download a collection of all DTSC Voluntary Quick Reference Guides agreements Valid for most features and parts and is used for limited and extensive areas of the project.

See the new model.