Withdrawal Agreement Bill Cash

In Calendar 5, Parliament will remember the debates on Section 8 of the European Union Withdrawal Act (Withdrawal Act 2018) and the power to remedy loopholes in EU law. It was written in such a way that if the UK left the EU without a deal, the shortcomings resulting from our exit would be corrected. Since the adoption of this law, the government and the decentralized authorities, under the 2018 law and other primary laws, have adopted secondary legislation to ensure the code functions on the day of withdrawal in the event of non-agreement. We do not want this legislation to come into force on the day of the withdrawal, but we do want these parts of the derivative law to be postponed en masse so that they come into force at the end of the transposition period. This timetable provides for the massive postponement of this derivative right, so that it comes into effect by referring to the “IP closing date” and not “the withdrawal date.” Let me go a little further. The government is committed to ensuring that the Good Friday agreement in Belfast is maintained when we leave the European Union. The protocol is clear that it protects the rights contained in this agreement and the bill gives effect to the UK`s obligations in this area. We are convinced that the new functions of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and the Equal Opportunity Commission for Northern Ireland are sufficient to play their part in the specific mechanism. It will be of particular interest to some opposition fronts, who have expressed concern in our country that the bill confirms the “clean movement” of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Committee under the 1998 Human Rights Act and provides for such a position within the framework of the protocol. I draw members` attention to paragraph 5 of Calendar 3.

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and the Equal Opportunity Commission for Northern Ireland will form the basis of the special mechanism established in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 2 of the Protocol. All the powers necessary to carry out their duties are provided in Calendar 3. That is why I call on the Member for North Down (Stephen Farry) to withdraw Amendments 32 and 34, which are not necessary for us to authorize the specific mechanism. I would like to quickly address Amendment 38 and the following, which deal with the extent to which the bill uses delegated powers so that the government can amend the law in a way that it deems appropriate – not necessary but appropriate – with regard to our withdrawal from the European Union.